Choosing Between SEO and PPC: Perks and Cons

When you have to boost your site’s ranks fast, any best Cardiff SEO company will tell you that there are two ways: SEO and PPC. Some people claim they derive better profits from organic search, others praise narrow and precise advertisements. However, there are positive and negative sides of both strategies.

Pros of Doing SEO

  • ROI.
    The return on investment for SEO is really high, plus your organic traffic can potentially stay with you. Increased traffic can also help you make your brand more visible.
  • It stays with you over time.
    Even if you stop doing SEO today, your traffic won’t just die. You will still get traffic from people who will be using those keywords you targeted years ago. That’s a big plus, which any SEO company Cardiff will stress.
  • Nice for websites with a wider content niche.
    You are not going to pay for every piece of content appearing on your site, right? That’s why using SEO as the main tool is more effective here.
  • It’s a long-term strategy.
    Yes, every company that does SEO Wales will tell you that growing organic traffic will take time. But once you have your ranks high, it will be hard to kill it for your competitors.

Pros of Choosing PPC Advertising

  • Granular control over your ads.
    As PPC are simply advertisements, you have all the rights to focus solely on those. This way, you can easily include the most important data that will dominate the search results.
  • Amazing for a tight

PPC allows you to be in charge of all the expenditures. You are paying per click, so you will never spend too much.

  • Good for visual content.
    If you’re here to sell your goods, like clothing, you have more chances with PPC. Marketing agencies Cardiff often stress that you have an opportunity to include a visual image of your product on your ad. This shows good results for online stores because when a person really like a product, they will click.
  • Targets your audience exceptionally well.
    That’s true, with PPC you can specify your potential customer (which device they are using, when they are googling, where they live, their age and language, etc). That will allow you show your ads to very specific users.

Cons of SEO

  • It’s slow.
    If you’re selling a product, you want your results as soon as possible, right? Otherwise, people doing PPC management Cardiff would lose their jobs. That’s when SEO is not your best friend.
  • SEO-grown traffic doesn’t always turn into clients.
    Plenty of people who find your site/goods via Google come for information only. Right, that is good, but they don’t buy.
  • SEO requires good content.
    If you want good results, you’d have to invest in the development of your content too. That is not an option for some types of businesses.

Cons of PPC

  • It can be costly.
    Right, it might seem that paying per click is a good option to save money, but when you get some of those ads, those costs start doubling really fast. Also, PPC will never work without money, as soon as you stop paying, you’re out.
  • It hard to make it unique.
    When you’re doing PPC, most likely your ad will look quite similar to your competitors. That also means that it dehumanizes your business and clients stop viewing you as a separate brand.
  • It needs management.
    Without effective management, your PPC can never bring you any results. This is why you’d have to find a marketing agency in Cardiff to help you run your campaign. That only increases your costs.

As you see, both SEO and PPC have their ups and downs. Some businesses are so much better off doing SEO, targeting long-term goals and focusing on them. However, if your major task is to sell, plus to sell in large quantities, PPC could be your choice. There you will have full control and you will see the results much quicker.