When people tell you it’s alright to ignore SEO and just write good material for your website, stop even discussing the matter with them. 93% of any online activities are started with the usage of a search engine, and 75% of people don’t go even on the second page of the results list. So to get people’s attention, you need to use certain SEO methods to let the system know what your site is about and whether it’s trustworthy.

SEO Basics You May Be Misusing

Hundreds of tutorials and guides can still be not enough for you to operate SEO at your best. So there may be many things you are getting wrong and that

can make your website go down the rank. When it’s important to make the site go up in short time, the right understanding of the following 5 SEO things is crucial. For example, when you need to come up higher than any particular website, like in the Wix’s latest contest called SEO Hero. They encourage guys who claim they are heroes in search engine optimization like SEO Hero Media to create websites and go higher than them in the ranking by a certain keyword to win $50,000. If one wants to win, he or she must know all about the following aspects of SEO:

  1. Keywords are one of the main things popping up in people’s minds when they hear the word SEO. These words are important, but you don’t need to stuff the sentences with them and make the text sound super unnatural. Use synonyms and the words connected to the keyword, and you will make any search engine proud of you.
  2. Times when you needed to use one particular type of anchors are gone. Now the best thing is to use a healthy combination of:
    1. The name of the brand/website.
    2. Pure links.
    3. Long tale anchors.
  3. Image captions.
    The page stuffed with media looks more entertaining, but search engines don’t see the images – they see the captions. Use the most relevant name for every image, include keywords there, and you will get a huge advantage.
  4. Link building.
    This is one of the most valuable SEO methods, which also needs to be approached with care. Remember that backlinks may be okay, but not too many of them. Also, links to penalized websites or those with the 20 and less authority index are bad, for your website.
  5. The number of followers you have doesn’t matter until they start contacting you and engaging with you. It’s all about the activity, not the number on the page, so make sure you approach this SEO method right.

To Sum Up

Learning something as complex and SEO means you will certainly make mistakes. Before risking, make sure you have the right background and enough knowledge to use certain tactics. Be careful with the way you build the link structure of your website, and don’t play with backlinks too much. Otherwise your website may be penalized, and this will harm its’ reputation for a long time. Train yourself to operate the aforementioned SEO tools and balance them to get the best result.