Choosing the Right Hosting Provider for Your PBN

PBN hosting is a weak spot for everyone who tries to build a good network. Actually, choosing it wrong could bring a lot of issues, even de-indexing. Some people believe that the biggest danger of PBNs are bad domains, where you can easily meet scam, but the truth is, the huge portion of de-indexing and penalties occur only because of bad hosting decisions. So, to put it into perspective, bad hosting is even worse than if you buy expired domains with backlinks that would lead to spam sites.

If you turn to a PBN setup service, they would tell you how hosting leaves big footprints on a website. But the majority of people who try to build their own network put a lot of efforts into the right domains, but forget about the hosting issue. There are different kinds of hosting solutions:

  • Cloud hosting.
    This is a super cheap option and it could cost you about $6/year. Quite a good price for a stable hosting. It’s also relatively easy to set up, even if you are an absolute beginner.
  • Web costs.
    This is an expensive option, especially if you compare it to cloud hosting. However, web hosts are easier to set up. The only real negative thing is that they are hard to manage, which is only made worse if you remember you have a whole network to manage.
  • Choosing a Virtual Private Server.
    This is quite a good option for people who understand something about hosting for PBN and hosting in general. It could be really cheap, so it’s a good way to save some money, there are many trustworthy sites registered there, so it won’t look suspicious to anyone and they give you a good IP address. If you choose this option, remember to check if that company has been on the market for long.

Common After-Hosting Mistakes

Imagine that you got a great high DA PBN domain, realized which hosting option you need and you are ready to move on. There are some bad mistakes people usually make when they are done with “the hard part”:

  • Using robots file to block other sites.
    Blocking Moz is never a good thing. Of course, it makes sense, if you think about it, but no real websites would ever do that. If you don’t want to make mistakes after you set up your PBN, try to do what other websites do. Don’t try to stand out, that would make you an easy target.
  • Trying to mask their IP addresses.
    Again, a usual site would never do such a thing. People running different sites would also separate their hosting. It’s harder when you have a large network, so you don’t want to waste a lot of time and separate hosting. But those are the efforts that will pay off. Otherwise, you have to be ready that your IP will be leaked and your site could easily be de-indexed.

Don’t try to save money when you’re choosing a good hosting provider. Remember that it’s an important step, and if you’re not sure, try to talk to a specialist or hire someone who would help you make the right decision. Remember that those people who tell you “oh, it never happens” were just lucky, and you don’t want to rely on pure luck.

White Hat Versus Black Hat SEO In Cardiff

You might have heard of ‘White Hat’ and ‘Black Hat’ tactics when it comes to SEO and if you are researching Cardiff marketing agencies, it pays to know what methods you are signing up for.

Ideally, the SEO company in Cardiff that you pick will be upfront about their methods and should stick to the reputable ‘White Hat’ tactics on our list.

However, it is as well you know what the differences are between the two and why they could make the difference between life or death for your website – and ultimately, your business!



A conscientious approach to SEO by a reputable Cardiff digital agency should ensure careful keyword research, for use on your website.

The keywords need to be ones that rank highly overall, but which also are relevant to your business.

They should not be overused or simply attention grabbing, which don’t bear any connection to your business.

Keywords with three or four words in them might be the best and can help describe exactly the terms that customers will search for on your site.


The best advice that any legitimate Cardiff SEO company can give you would be to write the best quality content you can. And any marketing agency based in Cardiff or elsewhere, should be able to undertake this task for you, if writing is not your forte.


The meta description of your site is the line or two that appears underneath the name of it, in the search engine.

This should be a natural description, which isn’t spammy, or over stuffed with keywords.


An SEO company that knows what it is doing will create high quality backlinks for your site. These will come from reputable sites and not risk the ranking of your website by being associated with places you don’t want to be linked to!


Maintaining internal links and making sure that they work correctly, is also a tactic which will be smiled on by Google.

But like keyword stuffing, just make sure that you don’t go over the top with this method!


It might seem as if White Hat tactics will take a long time to pay off and it is true that you might not see results immediately with them. However, this should not put you off playing by the rules.

Ultimately, White Hat tactics do work, but they might take longer than some of the more unscrupulous tactics that Black Hat SEO services employ!




This is the practice of fooling a search engine crawler into thinking that a page is different to the thing that it really is.

The content which is displayed for a crawler bot will be different the content that a human user can see. Sometimes this method can be used to disguise pornographic content in a site.


One of the most popular tactics used by Black Hat SEO practitioners is to use high ranking keywords, which don’t have any actual relevance to the site.

Use of celebrity names and other unrelated content may be used to bring visitors towards the site, but they will be disappointed when they arrive.


These are basically dupe pages, which fool people into clicking on them, with tempting keywords, but then redirect the user to another page.


The exact opposite of quality content, a Black Hat SEO practitioner might use duplicate or automated content, which is rich in keywords, but does not make any sense, in order to be scored highly by the search engines.


Invisible task might take the form of white writing on a white background, with a sneaky link embedded within it.


If all you are interested in is the short-term results, then Black Hat tactics can work well to boost your website’s rating.

But beware, once Google – or any search engine – discovers them, you will most likely be de ranked or even banned from their listings altogether.

For most people, this is simply never worth the risk.

Choosing Between SEO and PPC: Perks and Cons

When you have to boost your site’s ranks fast, any best Cardiff SEO company will tell you that there are two ways: SEO and PPC. Some people claim they derive better profits from organic search, others praise narrow and precise advertisements. However, there are positive and negative sides of both strategies.

Pros of Doing SEO

  • ROI.
    The return on investment for SEO is really high, plus your organic traffic can potentially stay with you. Increased traffic can also help you make your brand more visible.
  • It stays with you over time.
    Even if you stop doing SEO today, your traffic won’t just die. You will still get traffic from people who will be using those keywords you targeted years ago. That’s a big plus, which any SEO company Cardiff will stress.
  • Nice for websites with a wider content niche.
    You are not going to pay for every piece of content appearing on your site, right? That’s why using SEO as the main tool is more effective here.
  • It’s a long-term strategy.
    Yes, every company that does SEO Wales will tell you that growing organic traffic will take time. But once you have your ranks high, it will be hard to kill it for your competitors.

Pros of Choosing PPC Advertising

  • Granular control over your ads.
    As PPC are simply advertisements, you have all the rights to focus solely on those. This way, you can easily include the most important data that will dominate the search results.
  • Amazing for a tight

PPC allows you to be in charge of all the expenditures. You are paying per click, so you will never spend too much.

  • Good for visual content.
    If you’re here to sell your goods, like clothing, you have more chances with PPC. Marketing agencies Cardiff often stress that you have an opportunity to include a visual image of your product on your ad. This shows good results for online stores because when a person really like a product, they will click.
  • Targets your audience exceptionally well.
    That’s true, with PPC you can specify your potential customer (which device they are using, when they are googling, where they live, their age and language, etc). That will allow you show your ads to very specific users.

Cons of SEO

  • It’s slow.
    If you’re selling a product, you want your results as soon as possible, right? Otherwise, people doing PPC management Cardiff would lose their jobs. That’s when SEO is not your best friend.
  • SEO-grown traffic doesn’t always turn into clients.
    Plenty of people who find your site/goods via Google come for information only. Right, that is good, but they don’t buy.
  • SEO requires good content.
    If you want good results, you’d have to invest in the development of your content too. That is not an option for some types of businesses.

Cons of PPC

  • It can be costly.
    Right, it might seem that paying per click is a good option to save money, but when you get some of those ads, those costs start doubling really fast. Also, PPC will never work without money, as soon as you stop paying, you’re out.
  • It hard to make it unique.
    When you’re doing PPC, most likely your ad will look quite similar to your competitors. That also means that it dehumanizes your business and clients stop viewing you as a separate brand.
  • It needs management.
    Without effective management, your PPC can never bring you any results. This is why you’d have to find a marketing agency in Cardiff to help you run your campaign. That only increases your costs.

As you see, both SEO and PPC have their ups and downs. Some businesses are so much better off doing SEO, targeting long-term goals and focusing on them. However, if your major task is to sell, plus to sell in large quantities, PPC could be your choice. There you will have full control and you will see the results much quicker.

5 Things About SEO You May Be Getting Wrong

When people tell you it’s alright to ignore SEO and just write good material for your website, stop even discussing the matter with them. 93% of any online activities are started with the usage of a search engine, and 75% of people don’t go even on the second page of the results list. So to get people’s attention, you need to use certain SEO methods to let the system know what your site is about and whether it’s trustworthy.

SEO Basics You May Be Misusing

Hundreds of tutorials and guides can still be not enough for you to operate SEO at your best. So there may be many things you are getting wrong and that

can make your website go down the rank. When it’s important to make the site go up in short time, the right understanding of the following 5 SEO things is crucial. For example, when you need to come up higher than any particular website, like in the Wix’s latest contest called SEO Hero. They encourage guys who claim they are heroes in search engine optimization like SEO Hero Media to create websites and go higher than them in the ranking by a certain keyword to win $50,000. If one wants to win, he or she must know all about the following aspects of SEO:

  1. Keywords are one of the main things popping up in people’s minds when they hear the word SEO. These words are important, but you don’t need to stuff the sentences with them and make the text sound super unnatural. Use synonyms and the words connected to the keyword, and you will make any search engine proud of you.
  2. Times when you needed to use one particular type of anchors are gone. Now the best thing is to use a healthy combination of:
    1. The name of the brand/website.
    2. Pure links.
    3. Long tale anchors.
  3. Image captions.
    The page stuffed with media looks more entertaining, but search engines don’t see the images – they see the captions. Use the most relevant name for every image, include keywords there, and you will get a huge advantage.
  4. Link building.
    This is one of the most valuable SEO methods, which also needs to be approached with care. Remember that backlinks may be okay, but not too many of them. Also, links to penalized websites or those with the 20 and less authority index are bad, for your website.
  5. The number of followers you have doesn’t matter until they start contacting you and engaging with you. It’s all about the activity, not the number on the page, so make sure you approach this SEO method right.

To Sum Up

Learning something as complex and SEO means you will certainly make mistakes. Before risking, make sure you have the right background and enough knowledge to use certain tactics. Be careful with the way you build the link structure of your website, and don’t play with backlinks too much. Otherwise your website may be penalized, and this will harm its’ reputation for a long time. Train yourself to operate the aforementioned SEO tools and balance them to get the best result.

How To Write A Press Release


Every single day press releases are arriving at a journalist’s inbox. Not only do you want them to read the article through to the end, but you firstly have to get them to open the thing in the first place!

The best way to send a press release to a journalist in this day and age is by email.

The title of the email should also be the title line of the press release and its main subject matter. Now is not the time to go cryptic! You need to get straight to the heart of the wash so to speak.

Writing a killer headline might be a challenge for many, which is why you may use a professional press release service when faced with this daunting task!

Whether you opt to do this yourself or to use press release distribution services, you should cut and paste the document into the actual email itself, rather than add it as an attachment.

This is for two reasons. Firstly, because a lot of journalists will not accept attachments from unknown sources through email, because of spam filters; but also because you need to grab their attention up front and do it PDQ.



Your first line is absolutely crucial in reeling in your reader. If the first line is not compelling then you are sunk from the start. It needs to be snappy, intriguing and make the reader want to know more.

This is the line that summarises what the rest of the email is about. In about only fifteen to twenty words it needs to neatly sum up what your press release is. This is quite a skill and one that people use a press release writing service for.

In those first few words of the top line, you need to include the ten commandments of journalism – although there are only five of them -who, what, where, when, how.

If you can tell the whole of your story in those twenty words explaining the whole of this, you’re on to a great start.



As you can imagine, your reader’s concentration span is going to be short. He or she has a lot more things vying for their attention than your email. The last thing anyone is going to do is read anything that is longer than one page.

Press release best practices state you should tell your whole story in a few brief paragraphs. The optimal length is only about three hundred to four hundred words.

Don’t cloud the issues with the backstory or history of the company. The best way how to write a press release for a product would be to keep it brief, use bullet points and double spacing to make it easily readable. All the background information can be included as an appendage under ‘notes to editors’ at the end of your release.

It is okay to run to a second page for the follow up information and contact details.



To be blunt, who cares about this product or latest business service? When you’re writing a press release the person you have to convince firstly is not your potential audience, but your journalist. And your journalist will be hard wired to detect news. If your story is lacking in news then it is unlikely to make it into print. You need to come up with an angle that makes it matter.



The best press release examples you will read always include at least one quotation. It is a standard tactic to have an insightful quote in your story.

However, this should not be part of the description or information, it is there to illustrate your point and lend colour to it, whilst further drawing in your reader.

The right quotation, be it a famous one or by someone famous will add value to your release.



Get in quick and hit the reader between the eyes before they even realise what’s happened. This is basically the top tip you will ever get on how to write a press release. Of course, this is easier said than done and why people employ a press release writing service.



Nothing turns the eye away from a page faster than poor grammar and punctuation.

Even the best press release distribution services cannot help you if you make this fatal error!

This is the visual equivalent of turning up drunk and slurring through your speech or pitch. It will not only fail to communicate your point, but it will be off putting to your audience.



Finally, journalists are busy people. If you haven’t heard anything back following your email after a couple of days, follow it up with a polite phone call or message.